Every day I am photographing my daughter and I was desperate to find something to keep her attention to be able to get better photos! I was lucky enough to win a shop credit with the company Lookielookies, and was able to purchase the “Zookie Photo Bunny.”

The Zookie bunny is easily attachable to any smartphone, tablet, or camera! Even my big DSLR camera which I was super excited about! To use this all you have to do is press the suction cup that is on the Lookielookies to the screen of your device and you’re ready to photograph!

D3A_2317_grande (1)

(Photo courtesy Lookielookies blog)

The bunny lights up many different colors to keep your baby’s eyes on you and I am thrilled with the results I got from using it! I can’t thank this company enough! My daughter is hyper, free-spirited toddler and for this to keep her attention the way it does is amazing to me. My daughter loves her Lookielookies and I keep it on me everywhere I go! It has easily become a must have in my camera bag!

BEFORE attaching my Lookielookies:



47Clearly, you can see that I was able to instantly have her eyes on me once I attached my Zookie bunny to my camera.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is wanting to be able to capture better photos of their baby! It’s perfect for any age too- I was able to test it on my sweet three month old niece and she loved it just the same!


If you’re interested in this product, you can read more about it and look at all of their products on their website here!

Thanks again Lookielookies!



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